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I’ve had many opportunities to become financially comfortable. After my first degree I had a job in a large technology company where they wanted me to become a junior executive. I was very good at my job, quite enjoyed the challenge of it and was well-liked by my workmates and bosses. I could have built a lucrative career in industry. Instead I organised a successful strike and then left to pursue an academic career.

At various points in my life I could have taken the well-paid option but I always went for the more interesting option or the one that gave me freedom to think. I’ve worked all my life and I am grateful that I have usually managed to work in jobs that I have enjoyed. That was my choice and I would do it again. I recognise that I was lucky to have some choices as many others do not.

I’ve never been well off and I probably never will be. I am uncomfortable with wealth while others around me are underpaid. I don’t get how you can own multiple houses when other people can’t afford one. I don’t relate to the kind of mentality you would have to have to decide that you merit extraordinary riches when most people barely get by and some don’t even have basic necessities.

I live in a small cottage and I monitor my spending. I don’t expect to earn much from writing but I want to do it for other reasons. I have a pension so I will not starve.

You are welcome to enjoy my writing on the website for free but if you like my writing and/or the kind of views I promote I would be grateful for your support. It will help me to make the time to do more writing.

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