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Scottish Place Names Wordle - SPURDLE

This word game combines wordplay with Scottish place names. Like other Wordle type games it is based on guessing a five-letter word – in this case a Scots place name. Unless your Scots geography is shockingly good don’t be surprised when place names turn up that you have never heard of. They do exist but are sometimes not well known. I treat the whole escapade as a fun word game that incidentally teaches me new Scots places. Go for it, enjoy and ignore the occasional frustration. See below for further info and acknowledgements.

Any questions, feel free to email me on


This SPNLE game was set up by coders associated with @dgplacenames (Dumfries and Galloway Place Names). They run an associated blog at There is more information there about the place names and their sourcing.

A couple of points:

  1. Some place name words such as ‘glebe’ or ‘black’ are included although they may be part of a place name and not necessarily a whole place name.
  2. Some place names are not on Google maps but do come up on a general internet search
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