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This bonnie wee website is here to support you and entertain you if you are interested in my writing.  

Dr Alison Hall – Writer

Writing is many things for me:

  • A landscape that I can explore
  • A creative outlet where I can indulge my passions
  • A jigsaw puzzle that I never grow tired of
  • A playroom where I am free to joke and fool and try out
  • A bodily and sexual experience
  • A theoretical cosmos where I can build, modify, test and destroy sane and ludicrous theses
  • An escape hatch when life is too painful or difficult
  • A place in which I can find and share good stuff to help make a better world
  • Communication from my soul to yours

I hope you find something inspiring in my website. I’m very happy to hear from you so please feel free, and encouraged even, to comment, email or donate.


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