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The End of Summer

The end of summer

The wind starts tae blaw
The clouds are more numbersome
Rain hasnae that light summer feel
But, instead, cuts you, sharp and cauld
Wee daggers tae yer hairt

There’s a sadness in the end of summer.
That sustaining sun that we love
Is off on its holidays
And supposedly, we’ve had oors

We ken the nichts are drawin’ in
Mere weeks ago we were aghast
That it wisnae dark efter 10
And sometimes still warm as well
But noo, the licht is fading fast
No long efter tea

And we ken
The winter chittering
Is jist aroon’ the corner
And we put away oor t shirts
And dig oot they big jumpers
Tae shield us fae the cauld

In this hiatus, let’s cling on
To the joys of Samhain
Harvests come in and get thanked for
Big Tree Country comes resplendent in
Terracotta, yellow and crimson
Apple crumble and plum duff
Strecht aff the trees an’ baked

The dark nights take on a magic of their ain
As we start to warm towards
Divali, Christmas and other Saturnalias
Wi guid tidings and fond memories
Of cosy fires, mulled wine and evergreens
Wi siller and gowd offerings at their feet
And baubles and bows on their boughs.
Yuletide. That’ll wheech roon’ sin enough.

What is it they say?
Oh aye – Time and Tide waits for naebody
But sometimes, at the turning o’ the seasons
You can see it in front o’ yer een
An’ feel it in yer banes

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